Achtung !

Diese Artikel dürfen nur an fachkundige und berechtigte Personen oder Behörden abgegeben werden.

Caution !
Electrical Bullet Hits contain primary explosives and of course are designed to explode. These Products should be used only by trained personnel experienced in the Handling and use of explosives and in strict accordance with applicable safety procedures !

Production programme Bullet Hit Squibs:

(from the left):
HE-1(red) und HE-4 (blue)

(from the left):
FL-2G, FL-1G, FL-1/2G, FL-1/4G, FL-1/8G und FL-1/16G (heavy metal-free, Pat. Pending)

(from the left):
CL-6G, CL-3G, CL-2G, CL-1G, CL-1/2G und CL-1/4G (heavy metal-free, Pat. Pending)


PLUMTESTMO® -Test strips for the evidence of lead and lead compounds.

Here, it has to do with a simple, but relatively sensitive method for the evidence of lead at the explosion site.Based on its clearly visible coloration, the left strip indicates the presence of lead.