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  An extract from our production program of Bullet Hits ("Squibs")
  A female employee fits electrical triggers to Bullet Hits ("Squibs")
  Manual soldering of extension wires
  Antistatic composition cup with dry primary explosive
  Small test press for pyrotechnical compositions
  Diverse designs of primary-explosive-free DDT-elements for insertion in the industrial detonating cap No. 8 (Study)
  Delaborated 3"-shell. The pyrotechnical compositions have been mechanically separated and subsequently subjected to a complete analysis
  Pressing in primary explosive using a hydraulic press
  Manufacture of a parent solution on an analytical balance
  Sample preparation of pyrotechnical compositions for the warm storage at 75° C to check the thermal stability.
  Loading plate for the dosage of primary explosive
    Evaluation of the electrostatic sensitivity of a squip, accomplished through a breakdown check at 25kV and a capacitance of 500 pF (the installation was photographed outside of the shooting pit).
For this Test a microprocessor controlled ESD-impulse generator with a test voltage of 30 kV and a step-less variable impedance is provided. Contact or air discharge method can alternately be selected.